Upcoming Team Meeting…

A few words from Simon…

We have our next Worship Team Meeting on Tuesday 29th April (7.30pm @ Jubilee)

We had an excellent evening together last time with a pretty full attendance – can I please encourage you again (forgive me if I’m labouring the point!?) that these times are vital for us as a team – and not ‘optional extra’ sessions – as we gather to worship, pray, strengthen one another and continue to be envisioned for this ministry.

If you have been coming along already then I’m literally preaching to the choir!! If not, can I urge you to get the date in your diary and join us at the end of April – Thank you!!!

It is so exciting to be witnessing what God is doing amongst us as we gather as a church to worship (power encounters, healing, dynamic sense of His presence), and all the more vital that we are ‘on the front foot’ together in the battle as we continue to press forward into more and more of what God is leading us into. Let’s continue to be ‘happy and clappy’ in all the right ways!!!!


The Worship Cupboard is Tidy!!

You know the old saying, “Tidy worship cupboard, tidy mind”? No? Just me then!…

Recently I’ve noticed the worship cupboard becoming more untidy than ever so today I entered spring-cleaning mode and sorted it out! Everything now has a place and can be accessed without having to move much if anything to get to it. When I started emptying the cupboard before re-filling it I wondered if it was an issue of space, but with a bit of organisation a surprising amount of the floor can be left unoccupied.

The main culprits for wasting space were the music stands so it is these in particular I would ask that we all help to keep tidy; when putting them away please remove the tops which can then go on the shelves to the left and put the legs (folded down) on the top shelf on the right. The other items with a large footprint are of course the drums so these now occupy the first and second of the shelves on the right.

It’s like the Tardis in there now! Please can we all keep it tidy together to save it turning into a dump again! Thank you :)

Songbook for Android/Windows tablets

Just a reminder for anyone using a tablet that’s on an Android/Windows/other platform that there is a good app for displaying song sheets that works on all platforms: Songbook. Peter has been using Songbook and has discovered a more convenient file format for the app to import, known as ‘Chord Pro’. I have now added these files as a new folder in Dropbox. Peter reports this file format to be more versatile than the plain text files giving more options once imported into the app. To view these files in Dropbox click here. For more info on Songbook click here. If you have any questions regarding using Songbook I’m sure Peter would be happy to help!…

Worship rota in Google Calendar

You can now view the worship rota in Google Calendar which you can then sync with the calendar on your smart phone or tablet.

If you wish to use the calendar you will need a Google account which basically means linking to Google with your existing email address. This is a quick and easy process and by now you should have received an email inviting you to create an account. If you have not yet received the email you can create an account by clicking here.

Alternatively you can just view the calendar within this site on the rota page.

Upcoming Worship Team Meeting

Monday 13th January, 7.30pm
Worship in the church is such a ‘frontline’ activity in seeing God’s kingdom coming in increasing power amongst us – so these times are vital for us as a team to get together, pray, strengthen one another and hear from God to be envisioned for all He has for us.
Without wanting to sound ‘heavy’ these really are not ‘optional extra’ sessions for us – and they are only once a term – so can we please make sure that we all get this date firmly in our diary and come along?
Singing new songs in the spirit…..prophesying and praising…..experiencing greater intimacy with God – we are on a journey together and want to press deeper and deeper into what it means to be ‘leading the army into battle’ together.
(Plus we have cake and a good laugh together!!)

Thank you for all you are doing


Update – Church on the Rec!

Thank you to all of you for replying so quickly and offering your service. We could almost put an orchestra together with the amount of people who said they would play!

After chatting through the logistics with Simon, we’ve agreed that simplicity is the best option here; in reality there will be only a few songs and we’ll not have masses of time for set up and sound check. Also, to utilise every instrument well would mean planning some careful arrangements of songs, and that would take time I don’t really have. So, thank you again for your offer, it’s appreciated, but if I haven’t chosen you it’s not because you’re not wanted, honestly!

So then, the band is as follows:

Ed, leading on Keys and Vocals
Matt, Drums
Simon, Guitar
Penny, Vocals
Bruce, Bass
Viv, Violin

I will send out some prospective dates for a rehearsal and confirm the finer details of the day once I know them.


Church on the Rec!

The ‘Churches Together’ service on the recreation ground is nearly here!

As part of the ‘Destination Aylsham‘ weekend, we have been asked to lead the service on the 21st July. I will be leading the worship and so I’m looking to all of you to see if you’d like to play also. So far the band looks like this:

Ed, leading on Keys and Vocals
Matt, Drums
Simon, Guitar
Penny, Vocals

Please would you consider joining us and let me know ASAP, either by leaving a comment below or by emailing me directly – piano_ed@yahoo.co.uk. I will try to arrange a practise once I know who is playing…

Many thanks in advance – it’s going to be a great morning!!